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2021 Holiday Ornament - The Holiday Hippo

2021 Holiday Ornament - The Holiday Hippo

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Who wants a hippopotamus for Christmas?

About this year's ornament:
The ornament is approximately a generous 4" across and is made of black metal and is filled with enamel. The hippo's bauble (also metal and enamel) hangs from its mouth with a short chain of links to allow the bauble to dangle and move. The back side of the hippo shows Beau the frog and the the year. Included is a small drawstring bag for keeping your hippo safe between seasons.

Why a hippo?
The 2021 ornament is based on a sketch of a hippo I did for my Patrons. I really liked how the hippo turned out and so I knew I wanted to bring the hippo back for something else in the future. When brainstorming ideas for this year's ornament, I remembered the hippo and sang aloud, "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas." And so ... I made it happen. Hopefully you too can enjoy a hippopotamus for Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or any holiday you choose to celebrate.

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