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Lazy Rain - Original Oil Painting - 30x30

Lazy Rain - Original Oil Painting - 30x30

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Original Oil Painting - Lazy Rain - 30x30

Only the third painting in which Beau appeared. When this original oil painting returned to my studio, I was overwhelmed with emotions. It was like connecting once again with an old friend. Beau the frog was so new here ... his namesake was still with me (Beau the pup) ... and I was still learning Beau's character and personality as I painted him more and more and he developed in styling as well. I don't really paint Beau like this much anymore - in a state of looking sad, or bored or unamused. Instead, as his character naturally developed, I found Beau to be inquisitive and adventurous. I imagine now, Beau might have opted to play in the rain or study the droplets as they splashed on a leaf. 

I find this painting warm in so many ways. Beau was young, I was young, my art career was young.

Additionally, square formatting was something I did once in a while back then and pretty much never do now.


This original oil painting includes a certificate of authenticity.

This painting is arrives unframed so that you may select the best moulding to fit your own personal framing aesthetic and home styling. 


  • Size - The optional frame is 3 5/16" and adds a total of 6 5/8" to each side.
  • Liner - If you choose the frame and the liner, it will add approximately 8 5/8" to each side.
  • Turnaround - If you choose to add a frame, please allow ample time for the painting to be framed before shipping. Framing generally takes 2 to 3 weeks of production time.
  • Finish - If you choose to have the painting framed, it will arrive ready to hang with a wire on the back side of the painting. 
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