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Waddler, a Nester sclupture by Rob Kaz
Waddler, a Nester sclupture by Rob Kaz
Waddler, a Nester sclupture by Rob Kaz
Waddler, a Nester sclupture by Rob Kaz

Waddler, a Nester sclupture by Rob Kaz

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NOTE: Due to production delays related to COVID-19, NESTERS are on a delay of 60 days for fulfillment. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Nesters is a collection of tagalong sculptures designed to compliment your artwork, bring a smile to onlookers and further invite you into the story of Beau the frog and his Friends Along The Way.

Waddler is the first of two Ollie sculpture released simultaneously in April 2018. Waddler truly brings the inquisitive nature of Ollie to life! Waddler stands at 75mm tall.

Because of his weight, we caution against placing him on top of framed artwork. Waddler is better suited for standing on your office desk, on a display shelf or other surface wider than a frame.

Waddler is available in Nickel Alloy (pictured) as an open edition and optional precious metals in limited editions of 100. Each Waddler will be signed on Ollie's foot and include an optional sticky tab that can be placed beneath to help secure your Nester to your surface to help minimize bumps and falls. The sticky tabs are not meant to be permanent, only as a prevention method.

• Nickel Alloy - Composed of about 60% steel and 40% bronze, your Nester is electroplated with nickel. This is a solid, heavy weight sculpture that endearingly reveals texture marks and pits on the lightly polished surface.
• Precious Metals (14K Gold Plated / 14K Rose Gold Plated) - First, your limited edition Nester is cast in brass, then it is undercast with a tin-rhodium alloy for strength. Finally, it is plated with your chosen precious metal. The resulting finish is a shiny, smooth result with minimal pitting and texture. Precious metal is durable but can be scratched, so we suggest careful handling. Avoid exposure to household cleaning products. Polished Silver - The Polished Silver Nester is created using lost-wax casting process. The finished product has a wet, shiny appearance and is a solid piece of silver.

75mm - just shy of 3 inches tall

Tip #1 - Waddler is best suited for a surface, not a frame. Display him on your office desk, a collection shelf or amongst your favorite books in a bookcase.

This is a fine art sculpture and is not a toy. Please keep all Nesters out of reach of children and pets.

Each Nester is made when you order. Please allow 15 business days (3 weeks) for production and approximately 5 business days (1 week) for shipping (longer shipping periods for international orders).