New: Disney Parks Art Collection

New: Disney Parks Art Collection

After more than a year of work to get these pieces ready, I am super excited to finally introduce my newest collection of art - Disney Parks Art Collection.

All of us Disney fans have our favorite places in the parks, our favorite times of day at Magic Kingdom, our favorite attractions, favorite iconic spots. There are places that make us smile or cry with happiness. There are places in the parks that bring back memories of special moments that feel as fresh as day one every time we see them.

For me, there's the spot in Epcot where I proposed to my now wife. There's the tucked away corner in Animal Kingdom where I relax with a cold beverage on a hot day. And then there's the rain. A rainy day at any Disney park is simply magical and my absolute favorite time to wander around aimlessly.

With my new Disney Parks Art Collection, my goal is to paint the emotions, the spots, the memories and the moments with which each of us connects. For my first several paintings, I considered my own experiences and reached for personal moments with which I think a lot of us might relate.

My Disney Parks Art Collection is park-exclusive and will be available during select park appearances only. Please keep an eye on my events page or my social media accounts to see appearance announcements.

The first time these pieces will be available is at the 2021 Taste of Epcot Festival of the Arts, Feb 12-14. Please stop by and see me on the porch of the Art of Disney Gallery (formerly the gift shop) in the American Pavilion, 11am - 7pm. Originals and open edition matted prints will be available. 

Magical Sunrise, 20x40

Magical Sunrise showcases one of our favorite castles during that time of morning when everything simply glows. And of course, what would Magic Kingdom be without that extra sprinkling of fairy dust from Tink?

Have you had the opportunity to experience Main Street USA at park opening? Have you taken in the smells, the calm and the sheer magic that immediately overtakes all your senses?


Mansion At Moonlight, 30x40

For this painting, I set out to communicate an ambiance and to include plenty of details and happy haunts that have materialized for Mansion lovers to spy. The fog and the blue light from the night sky where the moon has climbed high o'er the dead oak trees create the cold feel you might expect from a world where grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize, but Mickey and Pluto's warmth and the golden hue from their lantern balance it out with a reminder that Mortals pay a token fee to join the jamboree.


Baking Them Crazy, 18x24

Many of us have walked by the bakery on Main Street or at Disney Springs and stopped to admire the beautiful work of the bakers who create magical cupcakes. And there's always that one ... the one cupcake that stands out above the rest and we simply must have it. That's the moment I wanted to share in this painting.


Rainy Day Fun, 18x36

How many of you have been caught in the rain while spending the day at one of the Disney parks? It's Florida - it's gonna happen. And to be honest, I actually really enjoy getting caught in the rain.

I have countless fond memories of Doris and I ducking into the shops around World Showcase at Epcot ... or spending an hour or so inside The Living Seas waiting out the rain while watching the manatees, dolphins, sea turtle and other fish. One particular time I recall, Doris and I were near Mexico at Epcot on a beautiful, clear blue day. We heard a strange sound and both looked back towards the lake where the sound was coming from. Turns out that strange sound was a literal sheet of rain as it was hitting the water on the opposite side of the lake. It was perfect dry where we were and was down pouring across near Canada. We stood in awe for a moment and then realized the sheet of rain had made its way to about the center of the lake. We look at each other in a moment of realization - At the same time, I said "rain" and Doris said "run." We took off up the stairs to get inside the Mexican pavilion and just made it. The first drops hit us as we reached the top of the stairs. We still laugh about that today and how we spent a while enjoying the tequila bar inside as a result of the rain.


Purple Wall Selfie, 18x24

When I first started brainstorming ideas for parks-exclusive art, I tried to imagine the most iconic spots in Magic Kingdom where people take photos. Of course, the castle, the train station, main street ... these all come to mind. But the purple wall is definitely a fan favorite these days, too. And who better than Mickey & Minnie to live a moment many of us have ourselves lived ... taking a selfie at the purple wall. But our favorite mouse couple is not alone - take a close look at the shadows of those waiting for them to finish their Instagrammable moment.


One Wild Toad, 18x24

Mr. Toad is one of those iconic characters that it seems we all know and recognize, yet we know very little about outside of the ride at Disneyland. And despite the fact that Mr. Toad is never actually seen driving a car in the animated feature film, that is one of the most requested scenes from people who have previously asked me to paint Mr. Toad. Somehow, our minds have blended the film and the ride and we see Mr. Toad driving.

Well, since this collection of art is Disney Parks art, I knew what must be done ... Mr. Toad must be seen driving to honor the ride in Disneyland. The car in my painting is from the ride. The building in the background of my painting is, of course, the ride building from Disneyland.


A Royal Pain, 18x24

Stitch remains one of my favorite Disney characters to paint. His personality lies somewhere between a mischievous dog and an innocent child and he pulls on my heartstrings. I have always loved this moment where Stitch comes across as Godzilla-like and refuses to participate and ultimately destroys Lilo's perfect princess world. I'm thrilled to paint this moment!


View Of Splendor, 18x36

This painting actually resulted after Doris and I visited Disneyland together in 2017. I was inspired by the magical view of Walt and Mickey's Partners statue standing proudly before the castle. What says Disneyland more than Walt and Mickey? When I went back home after our trip, I used our photos and videos to create this painting.


Best View In The House, 15x30

This painting was featured as the official event poster for the 2020 Epcot International Festival of the Arts. 

I proposed to Doris (my now wife) during the fireworks at Epcot back in October 2010. It was the crescendo moment with the music at its loudest and most impactful when I dropped to one knee and presented the ring that had been in my pocket all night as we'd tasted our way through Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. It felt like a small eternity before she uttered yes. So of course I had to paint Figment (one of my all time favorites since childhood) watching the fireworks from the best view in the house.

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Interested in buying Mansion at Moonlight….is the print still available for purchase?

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Can these be purchases online or only in the parks?

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Interested in buying Mansion At Moonlight, 30×40 I’m not able to travel at the moment can I buy it on the website? I want to buy it!

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