"With each commission, I am granted the special opportunity to take a peek into the personal lives of others. I get to know their homes, pets, family members - a small but undeniably significant glance into who they are.

"Collectors put faith in me to bring oil to canvas and properly translate impactful moments from their lives or to tell full stories from fragments of memories, often with the only reference being snapshots from their minds. And with each opportunity given so trustingly to me, I become emotionally invested in their stories and get to briefly walk in collectors’ shoes, feel with their emotions, love with their hearts and experience time through their spirits.

"None of this is taken lightly. Every commission is respected, appreciated and embraced with a promise of trying my very best to connect introspectively and realize the collector’s vision.

"The collector's first look at the finished painting and their response, be it tears or laughter or introspective silence, is the moment on which I hang.  Handing over the artwork brings my journey to a close as their painted moment is now home where it belongs. But hopefully, the journey continues for the collectors as they can now travel to that moment in time whenever they view their painting." - Rob