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Kite featuring the painting What Was That by Rob Kaz

Kite featuring the painting What Was That by Rob Kaz

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This kite was included in the Spring 2021 Quarterly Surprise Box, exclusively available to Patrons. 

I've always wanted to make a kite and it finally seemed like a great time. I chose the painting What Was That because I felt it looked like the two raccoons were peering down below when the kite is in the sky. 

The kite is made using lightweight standard kite material and lightweight fiberglass struts to ensure the kite flies easily.

A couple of tips - 1) Try it out on a windy day ... take it on a beach trip or when you hike a mountain ... or even hang it for display on your wall. 2) ALWAYS make sure you are clear of power lines before flying your kite. 3) Have fun like my nephew!

I asked my nephew Deegan to try out the kite for me. He had fun running around the sands of Cocoa Beach flying his new kite. Check out this short video showing how Deegan flew the kite.

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