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STUDIES: Various - Original Oil Paintings

STUDIES: Various - Original Oil Paintings

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STUDIES: Various - Original Oil Paintings

I'm sure most of you already know the scoop on Studies.  They're small original oil paintings either on deckled edge cotton paper or on canvas panels.  Each is unique.  I don't accept commissions or requests for Studies.  They are, as the name suggests, an opportunity for me to focus on one subject with little to no environment, rarely story ... but instead I use the piece to help me either develop a character or concentrate on a character or simply escape. 

The following Studies are 8.5x11 on deckle edged cotton paper:

Beau & Butterfly Line Study
Break In The Storm
Beau & Lightning Bug
Beau & Red
Bull & Bird
Ollie Line Study
Beau on Lily Pad Line Study
Beau on Log
Watching Sunset

The following Studies are 8x10 on canvas panel:

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